2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
    May 24, 2024  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Liberal Studies, B.A.

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The Liberal Studies major at Maryville University is a multidisciplinary program that provides for special interests and individualized programs of study. Liberal studies majors may pursue concentrations in art history, humanities, music, philosophy, political science, social sciences or physical sciences; or they may develop a thematic concentration representing such areas as American studies, international studies, women’s studies, two or more liberal arts disciplines; or even a conjunction of liberal and professional study. If students combine a Liberal Studies concentration with a professional concentration, at least 30 credits must be in the Liberal Studies concentration. The General Education requirements listed below apply to all plans of study in the Liberal Studies Major.

A student interested in majoring in liberal studies should draw up an individualized plan of study in consultation with his or her adviser. The rationale for the concentration must be clearly articulated. The plan must be filed no later than the beginning of the junior year and must be approved by the student’s adviser, an adviser in any conjoined discipline or area of study, the Liberal Studies Committee and the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Liberal Studies major requires 48 credit hours or 36 credit hours plus a minor or secondary concentration. In either case, at least half the credits must be at the upper-division level, and half must be earned at Maryville. No more than two of the major courses may be counted for General Education credit.

Liberal Studies plans may not substantially duplicate established programs or majors.

Liberal Studies students will be required to establish and maintain portfolios documenting their activities and coursework in fulfillment of their liberal studies plans. The presentation of this portfolio to the student’s Liberal Studies Committee is a requirement for graduation as a Liberal Studies major.

Students enrolled in this program are encouraged to take full advantage of Maryville’s consortium agreement with other schools. A semester abroad and other exchange and internship opportunities also may represent options for students pursuing the liberal studies major. For more information on the study abroad program, see Maryville’s Study Abroad program. Students who would like a more directed program in Liberal Studies may complete the Liberal Studies Major described below or may choose one of the other areas of concentration in Liberal Studies:  Art History, Philosophy, or Political Science.

Liberal Studies Majors - General Education Requirements


  • Fine Arts (1 course): art, music, performance, aesthetics
  • Literature or foreign language (1 course)
  • Philosophy (1 course)
  • Humanities electives (2 courses): ADSA, ADAH, ENGL, FPAR, FREN, HUM, LAT, MUS, PHIL, REL, SPAN

Social Sciences:

  • Two courses in History or American government (PSCI 101 American Government  )
  • Social Science elective from one of the following:

Natural Science/Quantitative Reasoning:

  • Science
  • Additional Math or Science

General Education Electives

Three courses from disciplines within the college of Arts and Sciences (chosen in consultation with the adviser)


Note: Two courses that count for General Education may also count toward the major

Requirements for the Major and Liberal Studies majors with no areas of concentration*:

These requirements are for those students who are not developing an individualized plan or choosing one of the areas of concentration listed above. This major requires a minimum of 36 credit hours, at least 24 of which must be upper-division credits and at least 24 of which must be taken at Maryville.

Professional Explorations:

(total 3-4 credit hours)

  • COMM
  • COSC
  • SOC
  • PSYC
  • courses in the School of Business
  • courses in the School of Health Professions
  • courses in the School of Education

Science and Investigation:

(total 3-4 credit hours)

  • Sciences
  • Geography
  • Math
  • Statistics

Ethics and Beliefs:

(total 3-4 credit hours)

  • REL
  • PHIL

Critical Thinking:

(total 3-4 credit hours)

  • upper division philosophy courses

Literature and the Arts:

(total 3-4 credit hours)

  • upper division ENGL
  • upper division ADAH
  • upper division MUS
  • FPAR

Additional Requirements:

  • Completion of eighteen additional credits in one or more of the above areas.
  • Two courses in the major may be used to complete general education requirements. This major requires a minor.

Please Note:

*Other courses may be approved in each of these areas by the Director of the Liberal Studies Program. Students must have the Director’s written approval for these substitutions.

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