2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
    Sep 15, 2019  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Management Information Systems , B.S.

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The Management Information Systems major prepares business professionals for a variety of technology leadership roles in the organization ranging from traditional roles as systems analysts and database administrators to emerging careers in web design and mobile application design.  Businesses must continuously change their information strategies and resources in response to rapid technology changes, and must demand technologically competent employees in all functional areas that understand how to turn technology into profits.  The Management Information Systems program targets the worker of the future who must have a broad foundation of knowledge in network, desktop, web and mobile business applications.  In addition to taking traditional foundation courses, the Management Information Systems majors and minors choose from electives which focus on exploring the emerging technology that will prepare students for careers in which continuous online learning will be necessary to maintain technological skills and competence.  Most importantly, the program prepares business students with the “critical technology thinking” skills necessary to anticipate and evaluate these emerging tools, and to select and implement the mix that represents the most efficient and effective technologies for their organizations.

The Management Information Systems minor represents a subset of required courses and elective options that make it possible for all business and non-business majors to enhance their major with technology competence that will distinguish them from others in the job market.   Management Information Systems minors are recognized by employers as graduates who both understand the need for technological competence, and possess the knowledge and skills to start day one of their careers with the competitive edge.


General Education Requirements for Business Majors


  • Take five courses from at least three of the following subjects: COMM, ENGL, HUM, MUS, PHIL, REL, and foreign language

Social Science

  • Take 1 course from the following subjects: GEOG, HIST, PSCI, PSYC, SOC, and WS.

Natural Science

  • Take 1 course from the following subjects: BIOL, CHEM, ENV, PHYS, SCI or SUST.

Management Information Systems Major Electives

Management Information Systems majors will enjoy the flexibility to choose additional ISYS courses allowing them to explore a broader variety of emerging technologies. Students should also consider the App Development minor which requires ISYS 120, ISYS 220, and ISYS 230. 

Other elective options include:

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