2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
    May 20, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Computer Science, B.S.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science prepares students for careers in several in-demand areas of computer science and information technology. The program contains a core that provides students with a strong foundation of widely applicable technical skills. Students will personalize their degree by selecting courses from several specialized tracks. The available tracks are: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Software Development, Cybersecurity, Game Development, User Experience, and Blockchain.

Program Format

This program is available in online and on-campus formats. Most of the core and electives are offered in both formats, but some elective courses are offered only online or only in-person. Students enrolled in the program in the on-campus format might need to complete some of their coursework in an online format, depending on their choice of electives and the schedule for course offerings. 

Certificate Programs

Maryville University offers undergraduate certificate programs in the following areas: Artificial Intelligence , Blockchain , Cybersecurity  , Data Science , Software Development , and User Experience . Each of these certificates corresponds to a track within the BS in Computer Science program. Students can apply their program electives toward the completion of these certificates.

For more information, please reach out to the Director of Computer Science at Maryville University, Dr. Robbie Beane, via email at rbeane@maryville.edu.  

General Education Requirements

(45 credits)


(5 courses)

  • Fine Arts elective
  • Literature or Foreign Language elective
  • Philosophy elective
  • Two Humanities electives

Social Sciences

(3 courses)

  • History or Political Science elective
  • Two Social Science electives from different subject areas

Natural Sciences and Quantitative Reasoning

(1 course)

  • Science elective

Major Requirements

(60 credits)


(18 credits)

Students must complete one of the seven Computer Science tracks listed below.

Major Electives

(18 credits)

Students must complete an additional 18 hours of program electives selected from the tracks above, or from the courses listed below. These electives can be used to complete a second Computer Science track (recommended) or to sample courses from multiple tracks.

Recommended electives include:

Graduation Requirements

  • 128 credit hours minimum (last 30 hours in residency)
  • A minimum half the major credit hours in residency
  • A minimum half the minor credit hours in residency
  • ​60 credit hours must be completed at a 4-year institution 

Accelerated Master of Science in Actuarial Science, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence

The Accelerated Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, or Actuarial Science provides a unique opportunity for Maryville University undergraduates to earn their master’s degree in just one additional year. Through this accelerated option, students can apply four courses (12 credits) taken during their senior year as part of their undergraduate curriculum towards their master’s degree requirements. In the fifth year of study, students will complete an additional 24 credits to fulfill the remaining requirements for the master’s degree.

To be eligible for early access to the Actuarial Science, M.S. , Data Science, M.S. , or Artificial Intelligence, M.S.  students must have a minimum of 75 undergraduate credits, at least 20 of which must be earned at Maryville University. Additionally, applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.25. It’s worth noting that Maryville students entering the accelerated master’s program are not required to submit GRE or TOEFL scores.

Additional Information

Students will also be able to complete coursework toward the following Certificate Programs:

Big Data Post Baccalaureate Certificate  

Machine Learning Post Baccalaureate Certificate   

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence Post Baccalaureate Certificate  


For more information on graduate enrollment, please reach out via email to Joe Raggette at jraggettejr1@maryville.edu.