2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
    Sep 22, 2023  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Academic Programs at a Glance

Undergraduate Programs

 Academic Program Major Dual
Minor Certificate /
Concentration Other Study /
Days 100% Online
  Program of Study Availability
 Accounting o   o      
 Accounting Information Systems o            
 Actuarial Science o            
 Art (Studio) o   o   o o  
 Art History     o   o o  
 Biochemistry o            
 Biology o   o   o    
     Anatomy and Physiology         o    
     Biotechnology         o    
     Ecology         o    
     Molecular & Microbiology         o    
 Sustainability and
 Environmental Stewardship
    o   o    
 Biomedical Science o       o    
 Business Administration o   o      
 Chemistry o   o   o    
 Coaching     o        
 Communication o   o      
     Emerging Strategy and Social Media         o  
     Strategic Communication         o  
 Communication and English Dual Major   o          
 Communication Sciences and Disorders o          
 Community Paramedic       o      
 Computational Science     o        
 Creative Writing     o        
 Criminal Justice/Criminology o   o      
 Cyber Security o   o      
 Data Science o   o      
 Deaf Studies     o        
 Digital Media (Fine Arts) o            
 Digital Photography     o        
 Economics           o  
 Education - Elementary/Early Childhood o o   o1      
     Elementary English Language Arts       o1      
     Elementary Mathematics       o1      
     Elementary Science       o1      
     Elementary Social Studies       o1      
 Education - Middle o o   o1      
     Middle English Language Arts       o1      
     Middle Mathematics       o1      
     Middle Science       o1      
     Middle Social Studies       o1      
 Education - Secondary o o   o1      
     Secondary Biology       o1      
     Secondary Chemistry       o1      
     Secondary English       o1      
     Secondary Mathematics       o1      
     Secondary Social Science       o1      
 Engineering (dual-degree) o         o  
 English o   o   o  
 English and Middle School English/Language   Arts Education (Grades 5-9)   o            
 English and Secondary/High School English     Education (Grades 9-12)    o            
 Exercise Science o   o        
 Finance     o        
 Financial Services o          
 Forensic Psychology/Criminal Justice o          
 Forensic Science o       o    
 Game Design         o    
 General Studies with a
 Concentration in Healthcare
o         o  
 Graphic Design o   o        
 Health Science o            
 Healthcare Management o            
 History o   o      
 Interactive Design o       o    
 Interior Design o            
 International Business o            
 International Studies o   o      
 Liberal Studies o       o  
 Management and Leadership o       o    
 Management Information Systems o   o      
 Marketing o   o      
 Mathematical Science o   o      
 Medical Laboratory Science o       o    
 Music     o   o    
 Music Therapy o       o    
 Nursing - Traditional & Fast Track o            
 Nursing - Prelicensure Evening & Weekend2 o              
 Nursing - RN-BSN o            
 Organizational Leadership o          
 Philosophy     o   o    
 Photography and Digital Art o   o        
 Physics     o        
 Political Science     o   o    
 Pre-Chiropractic           o  
 Pre-Dentistry           o  
 Pre-Doctor of Osteopathy           o  
 Pre-Doctor of Podiatric Medicine           o  
 Pre-Engineering Dual-Degree           o  
 Pre-Law           o  
 Pre-Medicine           o  
 Pre-Occupational Therapy           o  
 Pre-Optometry           o  
 Pre-Pharmacy           o  
 Pre-Physician Assistant           o  
 Psychology o   o      
     Industrial/Organizational Psychology     o        
     Psychology/Occupational Therapy         o    
 Psychology/Sociology o o          
 Rehabilitation Services     o        
 Science o   o        
 Senior Living Management o            
 Sociology o   o      
 Spanish     o        
 Sport Business Management o          
 Women’s Studies     o        
 Writing     o        
1 - Certificate / Certification The Education programs of study lead to teaching certificates from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)
2 - Prelicensure Nursing Students will start as General Studies with a concentration in Healthcare and apply to Nursing (Evening/Weekend).


Graduate Programs

Academic Program Graduate Program Certificate /
Concentration Bridge Program Days Evening Blended (Evening & Online) 100% Online
  Program of Study Availability
 Accounting (MS) o   o o      
 Actuarial Science (MS) o     o 2 2    
 Business Administration (MBA) o     o  
     Accounting Concentration     o        
     Business Data Analytics     o          
     Cyber Security Concentration     o        
     Financial Services Concentration     o        
     Health Administration Concentration     o        
     Human Resources Management Concentration     o        
     Information Technology Management Concentration     o        
     Management Concentration     o        
     Marketing Concentration     o        
     Project Management Concentration     o        
     Software Development     o          
     Sport Business Management     o        
 Business Data Analytics (MS) o   o        
 Cyber Security (MS) o   o o      
 Data Science (MS) o     o 2 2
 Early Childhood Education (MAED) o o   o      
 Educational Leadership (EDD)
 (Higher Education)
 Educational Leadership (EDD)
 (K-12 Administration)
o o          
 Educational Leadership - Principal Bridge (EDD)
 (K-12 Administration)
o o          
 Gifted Education (MAED) o o   o      
 Health Administration o            
       Healthcare Strategies       o        
       Data Management     o        
       Senior Services     o        
       Population Management     o        
 Healthcare Administration (MHA) o            
 Literacy Specialist (MAED) o o   o      
 Management and Leadership (MA) o          
 Music Therapy (MMT) o o   o  ♦2  ♦2    
 Nursing (MSN or Post MSN Cert) o          
     Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner   o1 o      
     Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner   o1 o        
     Family Nurse Practitioner   o1 o      
     Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner   o1 o        
     Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner   o1 o        
 Nursing (DNP) o            
 Nursing (DNP with NP concentration)3 o            
 Nursing (BSN to DNP)3 o            
 Occupational Therapy (MOT) o            
 Physical Therapy (DPT) o            
 Post A.B. Certification (Education)   o        
 Principal Certification (MAED/EDL) o o          
 Rehabilitation Counseling (MA) o o   o      
 Software Development (MS) o   o o      
 Speech-Language Pathology (MS) o            
 Strategic Communication and Leadership (MA) o     o    ♦
     Emerging and Digital Media     o      ♦  ♦  ♦
 STEM Education   o          
 Teacher Leadership (EDD) o            
1 - Certificate/Certification    These tracks prepare students for certification exams in the area of specialty.
In addition, the graduate program offers a post-Master’s certificate option in each of these concentrations.
  Students in the certificate option will be advised on an individual basis regarding the required courses for their program.
These tracks are also available to students in the DNP with NP concentration and BSN to DNP programs.
2 - Delivery Method    Delivery method in these programs requires students to take coursework both during the day as well as in the evening.
3 - Nursing DNP with NP concentration and BSN to DNP    Please see the concentrations listed under the Nursing (MSN or Post MSN Cert) for available areas of specialty.