2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
    May 06, 2021  
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]


Credits: 3

Every organization has conflict and every leader engages in conflict resolution and negotiations, whether this occurs formally or informally. Many leaders engage in conflict resolution without fully understanding why they do what they do or how they actually behave during conflict. In this course, students will learn theoretical models and frameworks to help you better understand the differing types of conflict that can arise within in a organization, why conflict arises, when conflict can help versus hurt an organization, and how conflict can be negotiated and resolved. In addition, students will learn specific negotiation and mediation strategies and techniques. After taking this course, students should not only have an increased knowledge of conflict resolution and negotiation process, but also have a better feel for how to appropriately approach conflict in your own organizations, as well as within your own life.