2014-2015 Academic Catalog 
    Mar 26, 2023  
2014-2015 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Organizational Leadership and Development, M.A.

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The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Development is a unique interdisciplinary program that provides graduates with a foundation for the new skills needed to be successful in today’s world.  Graduates develop competencies in change leadership, conflict management, evidence-based decision making, assessment, and building effective teams. Relative to an MBA program, the M.A. in Organizational Leadership and Development focuses on human processes and general management practices rather than business processes and systems.  Graduates learn to apply the best and most current evidence-based practices from business and psychology to improve organization effectiveness and individual well-being. Graduates will be uniquely prepared for careers in general management and leadership and organization consulting in corporate and not-for-profit organizations across a broad range of industries.

Careers in Organizational Leadership

Graduates will be uniquely prepared for entry or advancement in one of the many fast growing areas of:

  • General Leadership and Management
  • Organization Consulting
  • Organization Development
  • Human Resources

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Development

The College of Arts and Sciences at Maryville University offers a 36 credit hour program (12 courses) leading to the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Development. Advanced undergraduate students may also be eligible for the bridge program   that allows them to earn master’s credit for advanced undergraduate senior-level classes.

Program Features:

Flexibility - With flexible scheduling the program is designed to meet the needs of both the working professional and the recent college graduate. Two courses are offered one evening per week to provide you with the flexibility to balance your educational and professional responsibilities.

Integration of Theory and Practical Application - The program emphasizes the application of theory to professional practice. Students learn how to apply evidence-based approaches to address organizational challenges and critical issues. Each class is a practice lab where you learn not only theory, but have the opportunity to apply new skills, observe the impact of your actions and thinking, and make modifications that can be applied in your organization. 

Choose your Focus - The program provides tailored learning experiences to meet individual career goals. Elective courses can be tailored for specific career objectives. Consider the following examples:

  • A student wishing to pursue a career in Organization Development could take courses in the Organization Development, Organization Assessment, and Organization Consulting.
  • A student wishing to advance into an Organizational Leadership role in his or her organization could take graduate courses in Management, Business, or Strategic Communication.
  • A student wishing to pursue a career in Human Resources could take elective courses in Talent Management and Human Resource Management.

Professional Networking - Joining the program connects you to a strong and supportive network of professionals, alumni, and faculty committed to your professional growth and development. You will progress through a thoughtfully sequenced series of courses with the same colleagues and develop multiple learning relationships.

Open Electives (12 credits)

Choose any four (3 credit hour) graduate level courses in consultation with faculty advisor:

  • Strategic Communication and Leadership (COMM) courses
  • MBA courses


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