2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Biology, B.S. with a Medical Laboratory Science Concentration

A concentration in Medical Laboratory Science may be obtained through a four year program at Maryville. The student gains practical experience through a 12-month internship in an accredited CLS/MT hospital-based program if they choose to do so for a fifth year. Internship placements are available on a competitive basis and cannot be guaranteed by the university.

Upon successful completion of the hospital-based CLS/MT program, and after earning the degree in Biology with the Concentration in Medical Laboratory Science, students may sit for an examination to become certified medical laboratory scientists/medical technologists. The five year program provides students with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a Concentration in MLS. The inclusion of a 12-month internship allows hands-on, practical experience in the student’s chosen profession and the student can earn a double major in Biology and Medical Laboratory Science.


General Education Requirements

(48 credits)


(5 courses)

Social Science

(3 courses)

  • American History or American Political Science elective
  • Two Social Science electives

College of Arts and Sciences Electives

  • Two courses from subjects within the College of Arts & Sciences

Additional Requirements

(20 credits)

Students completing this concentration must complete the standard core coursework for a Biology major and additional courses including:

Upper Level Baskets

(18-24 credits)

In addition to the core, students must take six courses from at least three of the four ‘baskets’. At least three of these courses must be 300 level or higher. If four of these courses come from the same ‘basket’, the student has an Emphasis in that basket.

Graduation Requirements

  • 128 credit hours minimum (last 30 hours in residency)
  • A minimum half the major credit hours in residency
  • A minimum half the minor credit hours in residency
  • ​60 credit hours must be completed at a 4-year institution