2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
    May 24, 2024  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

MUS 362 - Private Music Instruction VI

Credits: Two (2)
*61 and *62 Private Music Instruction courses are two-credit courses, which are associated with 60-minute, weekly private lessons.

Private Music Instruction courses are intended to be taken in sequence.

Each enrolled student will be paired with an expert instructor during the first week of the semester. The student and the instructor will then agree upon a regular meeting time. Sixty-minute, weekly private lessons will take place in the music studios on the ground floor of the University Auditorium building.

Each Private Music Instruction course has a two-letter code appended to the end of the course number that identifies whether the lessons are vocal or instrumental (and, if the lessons are instrumental, which specific instrument will be studied). The legend for these two-letter codes is below:

BR - Brass

CE - Cello

CL - Clarinet

FL - Flute

GT - Guitar

HP - Harp

OI Other Instrument

PC - Percussion

PI - Piano

SA - Saxophone

ST - Strings

TP - Trumpet

VN - Violin

VO - Voice
Note: -Students enrolled in a Private Music Instruction course may be required to purchase instructional materials at the discretion of their instructor. These materials may include (but are not limited to): musical scores, strings, reeds, and other instrumental or vocal implements or instructional books to assist with their education.

General Education Area: Fine Arts