2015-2016 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 17, 2024  
2015-2016 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Studio Art, B.F.A.

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Contemporary art is an exciting and demanding career.  The B.F.A. in Studio Art is the professional degree intended for the student ready to engage in critical and creative thinking, and for the student who has the energy to make those thoughts a reality.

Students may elect one or more concentration in the following areas: drawing, painting, printmaking and crafts, which include ceramics, metalsmithing/jewelry.  Studio electives include the above areas along with fibers, figure studio, computer illustration, 3D modeling, installation art, and study abroad courses.  For photo media, including video, photo journalism and commercial photography, please review the Studio Art, B.F.A. with Photo Media Concentration  program.

The B.F.A. is comprised of 132 credit hours, 90 of which are in art and design core, studio art concentration, studio art electives and art/design history.  These courses teach foundational and contemporary theories that challenge students.  Included in this curriculum are courses that examine careers in art and the make up of a productive life in art.  The seminar, portfolio development and internship lead to a final senior exhibit.  The remaining 42 credit hours contribute to a strong liberal arts education with a focus on writing, disciplined inquiry and critical analysis.

The B.F.A. in Studio Art is the professional course of study and prepares students for careers in art, design, related fields, or graduate study. Like all of the Art & Design  , it is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art & Design (NASAD).


Art & Design Programs - Core Requirements

(27 credits)

Studio Art B.F.A Requirements:

(21 courses)

Art & Design Programs - General Education Requirements

(42 credits)


(3 courses)

  • Literature/Language - ENGL or Foreign Language (3)
  • Philosophy (3)
  • Humanity Elective (except ADXX courses) (3)

Social Science

(3 courses)

  • Psychology (3)
  • History or Government (3)
  • One course selected from the following disciplines: (3) 

Natural Science/Quantitative Reasoning

(2 courses)

  • Science Elective - BIOL, CHEM, ENV, PHYS, SCI  (3)
  • Math or Science Elective (3)

Electives from College of Arts and Sciences

(except courses within the major) (2 courses total)

  • Elective #1  (3)
  • Elective #2  (3)

Please Note:

Of the 132 credit hours required for this program, one half of the 90 credits (for the major and Art & Design core combined) and the last 30 credit hours must be taken at Maryville to satisfy requirements for graduation.

The Addison Honors Program in Studio Art:

The Addison Honors Program in Studio Art has been named in recognition of B. Kent Addison, the Eleanor Lawler Pillsbury Professor of Art Emeritus, who came to Maryville in 1961 as the school’s first full-time studio art professor. As a result of his leadership and dedication, the Art & Design program flourished. He is fondly remembered by students as well as colleagues for his high standards, professionalism and untiring efforts in the many studio classes he taught. He retired from Maryville in 1995 and continues to paint and exhibit his work nationally.

The B.F.A. Honors program in Studio Art gives outstanding students majoring in Studio Art the opportunity to pursue an individually designed course of study. To be eligible for this program, a student must have achieved a 3.5 grade point average in the Art & Design Foundation Core and in at least four introductory or lower-division studio courses, or a comparable grade point average in transfer credits from another institution. The qualified student must submit an application in the form of a statement of goals and objectives to his/her academic adviser the semester before initiating this course of study. The Studio Art faculty will review the student’s application and relevant work, and then determine whether the student’s goals can be successfully realized.

Students accepted into the Addison Honors Program will earn no less than the equivalent of 36 credit hours in upperdivision Studio Art. They will work closely with a member of the Studio Art Faculty who will guide them in achieving their goals and learning objectives through existing courses and, when necessary, specifically designed independent study. The Addison Honors student will be expected to fulfill all the Art History and general education requirements for a standard B.F.A. in Studio Art.

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