2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]


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Students in the pre-optometry program will have the option of enrolling in one of three programs: Biology, Biology/Biotechnology, or Biomedical Science.  Students will complete their general education requirements, the pre-requisites for the University of Missouri-St. Louis optometry program, and most of the requirements for the bachelor degree at Maryville.  Basic science courses taken at University of Missouri-St. Louis will fulfill the requirements for the B.S. degree.  The biology major (courses in biology, chemistry, physics) at Maryville totals 73 hours. The 3+4 program will count the 33 credits completed at University of Missouri-St. Louis toward the Maryville major.  At least half of the required credits for the biology major must be completed at Maryville.  The biology major does not require a minor.

General Education Requirements

Humanities (5 Courses)

  • Fine Arts (Art, Music, Performance Aesthetics)
  • Literature/Language (Engl or Foreign Language)
  • Philosophy ( PHIL 325  for Biomedical Science)
  • One elective from ENGL, Arts/Aesthetics, Foreign Language, HUM, PHIL, or REL

Social Sciences (3 Courses)

  • American History/Government
  • Social Science elective (2 courses in Psychology, including  .  Biomedical Science requires   as second course).

Natural Science/Quantitative Reasoning (2 courses)

Requirement met through major.

General Education Electives (2 courses)

  •  2 courses selected from disciplines within the College of Arts and Sciences (in consultation witht the academic adviser)

Major Requirements

College of Arts & Science Core for All Biology Programs

Biology Major

  •  In addition, biology courses are to total 96 credits; (   with required lab is recommended)

Biology/Biotechnology Major

  •  In addition, biology/giotechnology courses are to total 96 credits; (  with requried lab is recommended)

Biomedical Science Major

  •  In addition, biomedical science courses are to total 96 credits; (  is recommended)

Credits from University of Missouri-St. Louis

First and Second Professional Years

OPT 8010 Anatomy & Disease Processes I  
OPT 8110 Anatomy & Disease Processes II  
OPT 8040 Neuroanatomy  
OPT 8060 Biochemistry  
OPT 8350 Epidemiology  
OPT 8160 Anatomy & Physiology of the Eye  
OPT 8370 Foundations of Ocular & Systematic Disease & Management II  
OPT 8560 Public Health  


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