2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
    Oct 16, 2021  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Biology, B.S. with a Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship Concentration

The Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Concentration in Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship prepares majors to begin a professional career in the life sciences. Agriculture, wildlife management, forestry, the food industry, the drug and pharmacy industries, public health and environmental protection all provide career opportunities for biologists.

The Concentration in Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship provides students with a broad base knowledge and skills necessary to understand the interactions between people and their environment. An integrative philosophy is woven through the course of study that involves opportunity for internship in related environmental employment. Goals for students in the program include

  1. To understand the interactions between living things and the physical environment.
  2. To appreciate the impact of human societies on the earth.
  3. To understand the biogeochemical cycles and how they affect global changes.
  4. To see the linkages between human choices and environmental effects.
  5. To appreciate the need for environmental ethics and to embrace a philosophy of sustainability to natural resources.


General Education Requirements (36 Credit Hours)


  • Fine Arts from the following subject areas: ADAH, ADGD, ADID, ADIN, ADSA, ART, ARTH, FPAR or MUS
  • Literature or Foreign Language
  • Philosophy (PHIL 305 , PHIL 306 , PHIL 307  or PHIL 308  are recommended)
  • Humanities Elective from the following subject areas: ENGL, HUM, PHIL, REL, Foreign Language, Fine Arts & Aesthetics
  • HUM 101  or HUM 301  

Social Science

  • History or Government
  • Social Science, two courses taken from the following subject areas: ECON, HIST, PSCI, PSYC, SOC, & WGS

Upper Level Baskets (23-24 Credit Hours)

Core plus 4 courses from the Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship basket, two courses from the Ecology basket, and one from one of the other baskets.  HUM 211 - Nature and Humanity   is required and LEGL 460 - Environmental Law And Policy  is recommended.

General Electives/Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship Concentration (10-16 Credit Hours)

HUM 211 - Nature and Humanity  is required and a chemistry minor is strongly recommended but not required.

Graduation Requirements

  • 128 credit hours minimum (last 30 hours in residency)
  • A minimum half the major credit hours in residency
  • A minimum half the minor credit hours in residency
  • ​60 credit hours must be completed at a 4-year institution